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Installing Your Lawn

The steps to a great lawn
Starting off on the right foot is essential to ensuring your sod becomes the spectacular lawn you’re expecting. Here are a few steps that we recommend for before, during and after sod installation.

Step 1: Remove the Old Lawn

Before removing your old lawn, it is recommended the old lawn is completely dead. Doing this requires a little more time but gives better results in the end.
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Step 2: Install/Repair Sprinklers

A properly installed and maintained underground sprinkler system is essential to a healthy lawn. Before laying the new sod is the time to make any needed repairs or installation.
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Step 3: Soil Preparation

Once the old lawn has been removed, preparing the soil helps ensure the new sod will thrive.
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Step 4: Sod Installation

Don’t order the sod until the first three steps have been completed! Ensure the sod is kept moist even during the installation process.
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Step 5: Watering

Newly installed lawns need extra watering for the first 20 days.
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