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Elite Tall Fescue

Our drought tolerant 100% tall fescue turf requires less water and fertilizer to maintain a beautiful color than other turf varieties. It has a medium leaf blade and year-round green color.


  • 3-way seed blend of varieties approved by Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance
  • Netting lends added strength and helps discourage mole activity.
  • Ease of mowing; Packs better into rotary mower bags
  • Grows best with 50% or more direct sunlight

Technical Specifications

Seed blend
100% Tall Fescue

Grown from Gold tag Sod Quality Seed.
100% Weed free seed – 98% purity (2% inert maximum)

8 Square foot rolls or Big Rolls 250-500 Square feet

2,000 to 3,000 lbs per pallet

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