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Northwestern Ryegrass Blend

A blend of three turf types selected for their ability to thrive in the Western Washington climate. Including three varieties in this blend makes it adaptable to differing maintenance practices, levels of traffic and other site conditions, resulting in the best-looking lawn possible.


  • Year-round green color
  • Fine leaf blade
  • Ideal for cool, damp climates
  • Netting lends added strength and helps discourage mole activity.
  • Grows best with 50% or more direct sunlight

Technical Specifications

Seed blend
34% Slugger Perennial Ryegrass
34% Fastball Perennial Ryegrass
33% Slider Perennial Fescue

Grown from Gold tag Sod Quality Seed.
100% Weed free seed – 98% purity (2% inert maximum)

8 Square foot rolls or Big Rolls 250-500 Square feet

2,000 to 3,000 lbs per pallet

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